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Renewal Proposal

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund allows organizations to apply for renewal support at the end of the project’s grant period once the required Grant Report has been submitted. (Follow the directions in Reporting Requirements to start a Grant Report.)

Note: A Renewal Proposal application cannot be accessed through the Grantee Portal. To start a Renewal Proposal application, click here. Organizations must use this link, not the Grantee Portal.

Project Information:

  • Problem statement
  • Project description (include goals, activities, and timeline)
  • Evaluation (how you will measure success)
  • Project’s relevance to the organization, community, sector and/or field

Please attach the following information:

Project Budget: An itemized project budget (not just the portion for which funding is requested from the Goldman Fund). Excel only; PDFs cannot be uploaded. Sample Project Budget

  • Include dates covered, committed and anticipated revenue, and expenses.
  • Separate salaries from benefits.

Project Funding: A list of committed and pending grants for the project. Excel only; PDFs cannot be uploaded. Sample Project Funding

  • Include foundation name and amount granted (for multi-year grants, indicate the time span for the grant and the amount awarded for each year).
  • List anonymous donors as follows: Name of foundation/individual donor (Anonymous). All information will be kept confidential within the Goldman Fund.

Organization Annual Budget

  • Include fiscal year dates, revenue, and expenses.

Supporting Documents (if applicable): Other materials directly relevant to the project, such as media coverage, photos, architectural renderings, reports, or evaluations.

Start a Request for Renewal Support

To start a Renewal Proposal application, click here. Organizations must use this link to access the Renewal Proposal application.

To return to finish an application that you have saved but not submitted or to view your previous submissions, sign in to your account.

Contact the Goldman Fund at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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